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Training @ Nationaldogtrainingcentre

Our Services

Here at National Dog Training Centre (NDTC), our goal is to give our customers the best ongoing advice so they can continue to train and be in control of their dogs.

We provide dog training solutions for problems encountered by owners throughout the North West.

We have the knowledge and experience to use the right training methods to train your dog the way you require. We understand all dogs are different but experience will overcome any problems you may have.

Do not worry if you have been told that your dog cannot be helped, most behaviours are sorted by our experienced trainers very quickly and effectively. 

Recall, Chewing, jumping up, pulling on the lead, reactivity, biting, barking, Generally bad behaviour once the problem is sorted you and your dog will feel so much happier.

Our Recent Work

Lexi Superdog @ National Dog Training Centre

Lexi is a Assistant Dog that has been training with us from a puppy and has formed a great relationship with her owner Charlotte.

Rose and Bruno @ National Dog Training Centre.

Rose and bruno have been training with us since bruno was a pup. And has just started doing the basics of the IPO1 routine. Great work Rose & Bruno!